Smart + Strong is pleased to announce the launch of Foros en Español (,’s first Spanish-language community forums. 

“I’m excited to add this online networking tool to our already extensive repertoire of information and services we produce for Spanish speakers,” says Tim Horn, president and editor-in-chief of AIDSmeds. “We have received numerous requests for a fully bilingual discussion area for people with HIV/AIDS; their friends, family and caregivers; and others concerned about HIV/AIDS.”

“The community spoke and we listened. These moderated top notch Spanish-language Forums are the next logical step for our Spanish content,” says Peter Staley, founder and advisory editor of AIDSmeds.

Foros en Español contains two fully interactive and moderated forums, with registration instructions and page navigation in Spanish. The first forum, “¿Estoy infectado?’ provides a safe space for individuals to ask questions relating to HIV risk assessment and HIV testing. The second forum, ”Vivir con el VIH," is intended for people living with HIV, along with their friends and family, to ask questions, share experiences, and get support.

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