To support its mission to protect and advocate for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, POZ Magazine partnered again with d’Vinci to create two new learning activities. POZ readers will learn about the potential causes of HIV-related weight gain, and the benefits of living with HIV and being undetectable.

“Weight Gain” explores potential causes of weight gain and its impact on the body. In “Getting to Undetectable” learners find out how starting treatment early and taking medications as prescribed is key to getting the amount of HIV in the blood so low that it cannot be detected using standard tests (undetectable). Both learning topics are key to improving the long-term health of affected people. The new modules are sponsored by Theratechnologies.

Over the course of the partnership, d’Vinci has designed several learning activities for POZ that educate and inform people who are living with and are affected by HIV/AIDS.

About POZ:

POZ is an award-winning print and online brand for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Offering unparalleled editorial excellence since 1994, POZ and are identified by readers as their most trusted sources of information about the disease. POZ is published by Smart + Strong, which produces health-focused magazines and websites that empower and inspire. Their additional award-winning brands include Real Health magazine and; Hep magazine and; and Cancer Health magazine and

Author Susan Cort is Director of Communications at dVinici Interactive.