Cancer Health has completed its first BPA Worldwide consumer magazine audit.

Glenn J. Hansen, BPA Worldwide President, praised Cancer Health for voluntarily opening its records to independent verification and documentation of its circulation data.

Hansen pointed out that the audit facilitates the buying and selling of advertising space. A BPA Worldwide consumer magazine audit provides advertisers and agencies with assurance that the magazines they choose to invest in do, in fact, reach target audiences for specific ads. The BPA Worldwide audit also helps media companies by documenting the quality of their audiences.

Copies of the initial BPA Worldwide audit report for Cancer Health are available from BPA Worldwide or the publisher.

Cancer Health will be issuing semi-annual Brand Reports.

BPA Worldwide conducts its circulation audits on an annual basis following accepted auditing procedures.  In addition to verifying exact counts of recipients, BPA Worldwide also documents that they are qualified in the markets served by the publications.

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